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Zendulgence Salon and Spa & Mobile Massage Products & Services: Spa Services


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Spa Services


  • Aromatherapy: Relax, Invigorate or Detoxify by adding Pure Essential Oils to your Treatment. Ask your therapist for choices. $10 add-on (not avail w Pregnancy)
  • Hot Foot/Hand Treatment & Moroccan Oil Scalp Massage $25 add-on
  • Warm Stones $15 add-on
  • Ice Rollers $20 add-on
  • CBD $20 add-on
  • Cupping $20 add-on
  • Paraffin Hand & Foot Treatment: Warmed paraffin softens dry, chapped hands and feet to ensure silky smooth skin. Hands $10. Feet $10. Hands & Feet $18
Customized Facial/Massage Combos  
Customized Facial w 1/2hr Massage Combo 80 min $180
Therapeutic Massage w Mini Facial Combo 80 min $180
A gentle massage with continuous long flowing strokes meant to enhance total relaxation and to reduce stress. Great for osteoporosis and the Elderly!
50 mins $110
80 mins $140
110 mins $175
This massage works on just the hand/foot meridians to help overall circulation and complete total relaxation for the entire body.
50 mins $105
Offered to a fully clothed recipient who is lying on a treatment table by using a light, non-invasive touch with energy work on or over a series of locations, such as the head, limbs or on the front and back of the torso. The placement of the hands will never be intrusive or inappropriate.
60 mins $105
90 mins $130
Therapeutic (Most Popular)
A cross-over Swedish Massage with heat packs and a firmer/deeper pressure combined with range-of-motion stretching to allow for a better movement of the neck, shoulders, low back and hip flexors.
50 mins $110
80 mins $140
110 mins $175

An Invigorating, Stimulating, Detoxifying massage that includes stretching and a series of hot aromatic towels to flush out a build-up of lactic acid.

50 mins $120
Deep Tissue
Includes all of the Therapeutic Massage by using a myofacial technique with the use of elbows, forearms, palms and thumbs. (Client may feel sore for the next day or two)
50 mins $115
80 mins $145
110 mins $180
Hot Stone
This is a Swedish Massage with the use of hot oiled basalt stones that enhance a very deep state of mind.
50 mins $120
80 mins $150
110 mins $185
Hot Bamboo
Taking the ancient art of healing by using Natural Bamboo sticks that are heated and incorporating their use with a Deep Tissue Massage that promotes a longer lasting relaxational effect.
50 mins $120
80 mins $150
110 mins $185
Sticks & Stones
The combination of using Warm Stones and Warm Bamboo as tools in combination with massage therapy.
50 mins $120
80 mins $150
110 mins $185
Table Thai Massage
Thai yoga massage uses an ancient healing system combining acupressure rhythmic compression rocking stretching and intentional breathing. It will be preformed on the table. You can expect to have increased range of motion in your body. Getting a Thai massage is like pressing a massive reset button in your life! Please wear comfortable athletic clothes.
50 mins $120
80 mins $160
Royal Thai Herbal Poultice
Steamed, hot herbal compresses are applied directly onto the body to relax and eliminate sore, overworked muscles and joints while melting you away with an aromatic aromatherapy massage.
80 mins $155
Fire and Ice Massage
A combination of using Hot Stones and Balls of Ice to help with inflammation and chronic pain.
50 min $120
Customized Combination Massage
A combination massage for Total Relaxation of Different Incorporated modalities: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Foot Reflexology, Warm Stone, Warm Bamboo, Ice Rollers & Himalayan Salt Rocks.
 80 min $ 155
110 mins $190
Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage (MLD)
A therapeutic massage positively affecting the lymphatic system by draining the lymph fluid, carrying the waste products away from the tissues by using a gentle pumping technique to naturally drain away water retention, eliminate wastes (trapped toxins) reduce inflammation, help heal bruising, scar tissue, reducing edema and thus allowing for better nutrient absorption. Multiple treatment discounts available!
50 mins $120
Lomi Lomi Massage
A traditional Hawaiian Massage that starts off with deep breath work and uses long ocean, wave like flowing movements mainly with forearms, similar to a Swedish massage but with work to the abdomen and longer flowing movements, sometimes while working two different areas of the body at the same time and combining some traction techniques.
50 mins $120
80 mins $150
110 mins $185
Shirodhara Ayurvedic Face, Neck, Shoulder, Scalp Treatment
Shirodhara is a form of Ayurveda therapy that involves a gentle continual stream of Ayurvedic oils over the forehead to relax the mind and overall body.The name comes from the Sanskrit words shiro (head) and dhara (flow) This treatment also includes a Neck, Shoulder and Scalp massage. Shirodhara is also effective in treating anxiety, mental stress and insomnia.It is also known as a form of meditation. (Not recommended for hair extensions)
50 mins $145
With proper positioning, this massage comforts and alleviates aches and pains for the mother-to-be by enhancing her sense of well-being. (Only available in the Second and Third Trimester)
50 mins $115
80 mins $145

CBD Customized Massage
Enjoy either a Swedish, Therapeutic, or Deep Tissue massage with area specific CBD oil treatment. CBD oil can help with inflammation, anxiety, balances out the central nervous system and overall aides in rest and relaxation.

50 mins $125
80 mins $155
110 mins $195
Himalayan Salt Stone Massage
Himalayan salt stone massage uses handcrafted salt stones from the Himalayas that are gently warmed. The benefits of this massage are not only detoxifying & relaxing but can balance the central nervous system with 84 naturally occurring minerals, all while gently exfoliating the skin. (not recommended if you have high blood pressure)
50 mins $125
80 mins $155
Massage Cupping
Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which a therapist puts special silicone cups on your skin for a few minutes to create suction and may or may not glide them depending upon the desired treatment protocol. People get it for many purposes, including to help with pain, inflammation, blood flow/ circulation, lymphatic drainage, as a form of deep-tissue massage, help with collagen formation, break up cellulite (dimpling of the skin), to tone and tighten the skin or for relaxation and overall well-being.
50 mins $120 
80 mins $155
TMJ Massage
Temporomandibular joint disorders (more commonly known is TMJ) are usually the result of inflamed and painful chewing muscles around your jaw where you feel like your jaw becomes locked that are often associated with stiff necks and migraine headaches. This massage is concentrated on all of the facial jaw muscles (internally & externally) to help relieve tension and pain. Might require multiple treatments. Multiple treatment discounts available!
45 mins $95
Plantar Faciitus Foot Massage
Plantar Faciitus is the medical given name for inflammation of the plantar fascia (connective tissue that runs along the bottom of your foot to your heel). Caused by poor arch/ankle support, tight hip flexors, weakened knees or injured back. This intense foot massage breaks up the fascia for relief. Might require multiple treatments. Multiple treatment discounts available!
45 mins $99
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Skin Therapy
Mini Express Facial
Cleanse, Exfoliate, Custom Mask, Steamed Towels and Moisturize and Protect.
30 mins $85
Customized Gentlemens Facial 60 mins $105 
Customized Classic Ladies Facial 60 mins $105
Vitamin C Anti Aging Facial for Men/Women
Includes all of the classic customized facials with using anti-aging Vitamin C products.
60 mins  $115
Organic Rose facial- For Dehydrated Skin
Includes all of the classic customized facials but with using hydrating Organic Rose products.
60 mins  $115
Manuka Honey Lavender Facial
Includes all of the classic customized facials but with using healing Manuka Honey & Calming Lavender. This facial is good for aging skin & acneic skin.
60 mins  $115
Acne facial- For Acneic Skin (Young or Old)
Customized facial with special attention to clogged pores and Acneic skin, whether dry or oily.
60 mins  $115
Upside Down Facial
Cleanse, Exfoliate, Steam, Removal of Impurities, Customized Mask, Hot Towels, Tone, Hydrate and Relax your entire back.
50 mins $105
Customized Facial/Massage Combos  
Customized Facial w 1/2hr Massage Combo 80 min $185
Therapeutic Massage w Mini Facial Combo 80 min $185
Facial Add-on Treatments:  
Peel, Microdermabrasion, LED Light, Microcurrent $20 each
Cold/Warm Jade Stone Facial Massage or Facial Cupping Massage $20 each
Collagen Eye or Lip Treatment $10 each
Brow Tint $15
Lash Tint $25
Brow Tint / Lash Tint Combo $35
Add Hot Foot/Hand Treatment & Moroccan Oil Scalp Massage $25
Add Paraffin Treatment Hands $10
Feet $10
Both $18
Please inform your skin therapist if you use or have been on Retin-A, Renova, Accutane, Glycolic or other photo-sensitizing products on your skin.
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Nail Care
Mini Manicure
Fingernails are trimmed, shaped and polished.
Basic Manicure
Fingernails are trimmed, shaped, care for the cuticles, hand massage and fingernails polished.
Hot Lotion/Oil Manicure
This manicure deeply moisturizes, heals chapped, dry hands and cuticles and strengthens brittle nails. Fingernails are trimmed, shaped, care for the cuticles, Hot Lotion/Oil Massage for arms and hands. Fingernails are polished.
Spa Manicure
This relaxing service includes all of the essential grooming to your fingernails and cuticles but with an exfoliating scrub, aromatic steamed towel treatments and a relaxing therapeutic massage for the forearms and hands.
Mini Pedicure
Toenails are trimmed, shaped care for the cuticles and polished.
Basic Pedicure
Toenails are trimmed, shaped, care for the cuticles, exfoliation of the feet and toenails polished.
Spa Pedicure
Toenails are trimmed, shaped, care for the cuticles, exfoliation of the legs and feet, moisturizing massage to the legs and feet and toenails polished.
The "Works" Spa Pedicure
Indulge your senses with this Spa treatment for your tired feet and legs. This includes all of the essential grooming as well as a refreshing exfoliating scrub, hot steamed towels for the legs, a relaxing, hydrating, therapeutic warm stone massage for your legs and a warm paraffin mask for your feet. Toenails are polished to perfection. Includes a complimentary beverage.
Basic Mani/Pedi Combo $85
Spa Mani/ Works Spa Pedi Combo $135
Add French Polish (Hands or Feet) $10
Polish Change (without mani/pedi) $15
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Waxing Services

Eyebrow Design

Eyebrow Cleanup $18
Underarms $18
Lip $12
Eyebrow/Lip $25
Legs (Lower) $40
Full Legs (Upper/Lower) $70
Arms (Lower) $20+
Full Arms (Upper/Lower) $30+
Chin $12
Nose or Ears $12
Fingers or Toes $12
Man's Back $45
Man's Back w Upper Arms $55
Bikini Wax $35
Brazilian Bikini $50
Brazilian Sphinx (Includes 1 Free Touch-up within 1 week) $75
Take 10% off any Facial Waxing during Facial  
Please note that hair should be at least 1/4 of an inch but no longer than 1/2 of an inch long to receive waxing services. Waxing services cannot be performed on anyone who is sunburned, or who is using and Retin-A, Renova, Accutane, Glycolic, or other photo-sensitizing products on their skin. We recommend waiting for 24-48 hours between sunbathing and waxing services.
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High Definition Airbrush Makeup
Look flawless and beautiful for your wedding, prom, or other special event!

Special Occasion $150
Bridal $150
Bridesmaid $125
Bridal Trial $80
Traditional/Basic Makeup Special Occasion $75
Bridal $75
Bridesmaid $60
Bridal Trial $40
Additional Makeup Services
Faux Lashes - Individual $45
Faux Lashes - Strip $25
Tattoo Coverage Pricing by Consultation
Eyelash/Eyebrow Tinting Eyelashes $25
Eyebrows $15
Eyelashes & Eyebrows $35
Eyelash Extensions
Lasts up to two months with proper care.
Call for Pricing
Eyebrow Extensions Call for Pricing
Keep Zendulgence in mind for weddings, pageants, everyday, events, photo shoots and portraits!
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Body Treatments
Ear Candling
Helps relieve sinus pressure and eliminate excess build-up of ear wax.
Additional Candles $15/pair
100% Organic Moroccan Oil Body Polish
First we exfoliate your body with gentle exfoliating gloves and follow up with a Warm hydrating 100% Organic Moroccan Argan Oil application from Morocco.
70 mins $135

Pure Raw Sugar Glow / Himalayan Pink Sea Salt Glow
We gently exfoliate your body with a Raw Turbinado Sugarcane OR Pink Himalayan Sea Salt mixed within a warm Organic Coconut Oil followed up with a hydrating body lotion application to relax your body and soul. Includes your choice of Aromatherapy, please ask for choices. (We ask that you do not shave or wax the same day as this treatment. Please inform your technician if you are diabetic or have high blood pressure).

70 mins $145
RF (Radio Frequency) Skin Tightening Body Treatment- 1 area*
Radiofrequency is widely accepted as being the most effective cellulite reduction and skin tightening technology available today for both face and body. In combination with proper water intake, excercise and a healthy diet lifestyle you will get noticeable results. Choose 1 area: arms (biceps/triceps), inner thighs and front thigh, outer thighs and back thigh/hamstrings, glutes or stomach. For best results treatments should be two to three times a week. Not available for pregnancy or any mechanical/surgical/metal implants, also must avoid any Sunbathing during any and all treatment sessions. *Try an add on of Massage Cupping immediately afterwards to the treated area $20 per 1 treated area.
20 min ea (3 treatments) $195
(6 treatments) $360
For Spray Tan, Personal Training and Yoga services check our Mobile/Traveling service page  
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